Retama Park

Retama Park is a horse racing track, located in Selma TX. It features live thoroughbred and quarter horse races, year round simulcast and a sports bar/cafe. The live racing events start in early June and ends in late November. They’re scheduled every Friday and Saturday night with the exception of a short break in August/September.

Our chapter has a partnership with Retama Park to operate the Wiener Circle concession stand, located on the ground floor. We provide organizations the opportunity to raise funds by volunteering to operate the concession stand. It requires a minimum of 6 volunteers to operate the stand, however we ask for organization to provide 8 volunteers to support giving breaks, resupply the stand and help run other stands if requested by Retama Park.

The Wiener Circle sells hotdogs, nachos and other snacks; along with soda, water and alcoholic beverages. Due to alcohol sales volunteers must be 18 years or older; and at least two volunteers must have a current Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) certificate. The certification can be obtained at The course takes approx. 2 hours and will cost approx. $15.00 to complete. AFSA does not reimburse volunteers for the cost of obtaining the TABC certificate. We suggest that organizations handle their own reimbursement for volunteers.

All volunteers are asked to show NLT 1700; unless instructed otherwise. They will help prep the stand for business, and be given instructions for their respective work areas. The stand closes at the start of the 2nd to last race, normally @2200. Volunteers will assist with inventory, clean up, and restocking. They are released after these duties are completed and verified by the stand manager (@2230).

There is no specific dress code for volunteers; however… Please do not wear open toed shoes, vulgar/questionable prints on clothing, nor old, worn, or tattered clothing. Hats are a requirement. If possible, it’s best to wear shirts that are affiliated with your organization.

Parking and entry are free for volunteers, if stopped at the gate simply let the attendant know that you are a volunteer. A map is attached showing Retama Park’s location.

Please contact MSgt Barrett Magee at 210-652-0891 or email if you’d like to request a date for your organization to volunteer. Thank you.